Rebar detailing

ABK provide superior quality Rebar Detailing, Reinforcing steel detailing and related consulting services to Concrete Contractors, Fabricators and construction companies worldwide. We follow the Standards and Codes provided by ASTM, ACI, CRSI, AS & BS. Over the period of time we have learned to do the optimization of Rebar BBS without violating the contract drawings which can save the steel on the project. We cater all aspects of the rebar detailing services, including estimation, 3D modelling, shop drawing, placing drawing, erection drawing, bar list, bar bending schedule as well as as-built drawing

Our Rebar Detailing Services Include:

Detailing of connections

Detailing of Rebar overlap

Detailing of size and dimensions

Bar bending schedules

Detailing of parapet wall rebar

Detailing of Rebar Ties

Detailing of Rebar sloped wall

Detailing of Rebar Corners

Rebar Estimation

Rebar Concrete Shop Drawings

As Built Drawings Services

Rebar Foundation Detailing

Rebar Junction Coordination Drawings

High Quality Detailing Suiting to the needs of Fabricator and Places

Rebar lists for Beams, Slabs, Columns, Walls, Foundations or other Special Structures

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